Saturday, March 1, 2014

As a mom, it's hard to always give good advice to your kids - but I think this was pretty good.

Some of my most cherished moments with my seven-year-old, Ethan, happen during that ten minute drive to school. With all the distractions of home out of his mind, he always brings up the most interesting topics that range from the inquisitive, to the scientific,... to the existential.

One winter morning on the way to school, he seemed quite agitated. When I inquired as to what was wrong, he explained that he was worried that some kids would make fun of him for wearing his Spongebob winter hat and wanted advice on what to do.
This baffled me—because Ethan had been Spongebob's biggest fan since age three. I couldn't believe that the mere thought of possibly being made fun of had him so full of anxiety that he would turn his back on his old friend Spongebob.
And then I remembered a girl named Karrie from when I was in the first grade.

It's amazing how shepherding our children through their experiences can bring back memories of our own.