Friday, July 20, 2012

Atheists have no obligation to help their fellow man?

Recently, I had an online discussion with a friend of mine who, during one of those infamous Facebook political debates (which I was not a part of), took an unexpected pot shot at atheists.

Here's what she said:
"Let me say this just to clear the air (not that it matters), but I voted for Bush in 200[4]. I don't love Obama. But I do like him. And I try to keep a pretty level head about these things. But honestly, it's so difficult for me to equate Christianity and the sanctity if life to people who want to kill anything or anyone. You would think that it would be Atheists who would protest providing for their fellow man because they philosophically have no obligation. But no, it seems more often than not it is the right wing christian base, like Ted Nugent, Glenn Beck, etc that threaten the president with his life and promote this terrible rhetoric. Christ would be appalled. I'm so tired of it. It sickens me. And I refuse to ever be okay with it."