Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MomsRising: No chance for 'do-overs' for N.C. kids

Cross-posted from Go Ask Mom.

While playing Chutes and Ladders, my son often asks if he can spin the dial again if it lands on a number he's unhappy with. Most of the time I oblige, he is 4 after all, and give him another chance to get a number that pleases him.

I wouldn't mind getting a "do-over" on occasion, but in this life there are actually very few opportunities to try something a second time to get it right. This is why I am deeply concerned about some of the proposed cuts this year to children's programs in the North Carolina budget. There is no do-over for our kids when it comes to their health and education, and these programs prevent problems that will cost the state exponentially more in the long run.