Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Building a Strong Foundation

Today I met with members of North Carolina MomsRising at the state legislature to advocate for programs in NC that support our kids. We had a building block tower that read "Build Our Future" and handed out information and little cardboard blocks to 106 legislators. While speaking with one of the state senators, he seemed to have a sense of "Yeah, yeah, not going to happen" about him but was very polite and said he'd do what he could to support NC's kids.

What frustrates me is that programs that support our children and encourage the long-term stability of our state should be at the top of the list of programs to protect. They are at the top of a list right now, the list of programs to cut. It is so important that our representatives hear from us over, and over again on this subject until they get the message that children come first, even in a recession.