Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Love That Ended Too Soon

The number of blankets I was prepared with for Ethan when he was born was borderline insanity. Friends and family showered me with home-made everyday use blankets, fancy hand-made crocheted blankets, specially embroidered blankets with "Ethan" inscribed on them, and one super-soft microfiber fuzzy green blanket. When Ethan was a baby, I tried everything to have him become attached to a collection of blankets my mom had made for him. There were many of the same color, from the same material, that would be easy enough to swap out while one (or four) of them was in the wash. I should've known though, that he'd like the one and only green one I had...the super-soft fuzzy green blanket which was used to look like "icing" over a diaper cake that I received at a baby shower.